Explore the fluid stories of  Neurovascular Integration.
Expand your palpations skills and therapeutic repertoire.
Experience the flow of Neurovascular Integration.

Welcome to the Neurovascular Institute, Inc.

Welcome to The Neurovascular Institute:

Explorations in neuroscience and healing.

From the early stories of osteopathy and cranial therapy, our work has developed a strong foundation in science-based medicine. Where neuroscience meets our Profound Neutral touch, we engage with the elegant dance of the nervous system to restore connections of ease and vitality through all systems of the body.

We support the flow of sensory input to central brain circuits and better organized regulation and output.  The latest information in Neural Plasticity becomes alive within us as we “Breathe It * Feel It * Name It” and then model it for our patients and families.

Journey with us as we restore the flow of health through body, mind and spirit, through the Profound Neutral touch of Neurovascular Integration.

Check out our new ‘Therapy Resources” page! Your favorite handouts and mp3’s await you there.

Welcome to our new adventure. We look forward to seeing you here!



The Neurovascular Institute

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