I hope all of you are enjoying some peace and ease at this busy holiday time.

I’m actually home in Florida for a month (!) and grateful for the time to slow down and process the craziness of the past few months. Some of you may know that my mother passed away in November, so there’s been plenty to work through.

We have new events debuting in 2010:  a three-hour workshop for caregivers, parents and laypeople entitled “Compassionate Caregiving,” which is designed to explore the basic science of how our neutral touch is helpful, and how to do a simple sequence of relaxing techniques for yourself, or someone sitting in a chair (or for a baby on your lap).

We will also be celebrating the new class that arrived in December. First known as “Body Goddess,” but more aptly tagged as “The Power of Presence,” this two-day class explores four basic archetypal stories that help us understand the hero’s journey we are each engaged in.  Combined with simple breath and movement work, the powers of story and breath lead us to reclaim our power, expressed in both balanced somatic presence and our own authentic stories. It is a transformative two days, and open to anyone interested in the next step of their personal work.

Our work, “Neurovascular Integration,” continues its own journey. What once began as a more neutral, fluid approach to mechanical cranial sacral work now sinks its roots deep into the neuroscience of our Profound Neutral touch and the intriguing dance of neural plasticity.  There’s nothing  “alternative” about understanding and respecting the exquisite dance of our body systems that work to express health and well-being!

So here’s to 2010 and new beginnings for all of us, inside and out. Let’s be gentle with ourselves, allowing compassionate caregiving within first, and let’s tread more authentically in a world fraught with artifical obstacles. Here’s to a prosperous, juicy new year.

And thank you for all of your support over the past 11 years!

Dr. Cathy


The Neurovascular Institute

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