Many of you have been following the journey of this work from its origins in 1998 (and earlier), as we emerged from the mechanical cranialsacral approach to a more fluid, neutral presence. From the beginning, the attentive touch of Profound Neutral brought us to a different conversation with the body, encompassing a deep level of flow and resolution that demanded a more resonant story. As you know, the original language of our Profound Neutral stories was stark and simple (‘juicy!”). And yet, these simple expressions let us be present with the complex mysteries of body, mind and spirit, past and present. An authentic path emerged, as our attention turned to juicy fluid flow and becoming better listeners to the stories of the tissues.

And then I went to graduate school for my Doctor of Physical Therapy degree. And that’s where I fell into the fascinating world of research studies, and the paradigm shift of our work began. I became fascinated with the Hypothalamus-Pituitary-Adrenal axis, and how our familiar techniques could effect significant reorganziation of this critical neuroendocrine axis. Then I was exposed to ideas of central pain processing, and the communication of the peripheral nervous system to deep brain structures. This led to the possible impact of our Profound Neutral touch on restoration of autonomic function, including visceral and vascular circuits, with subsequent alignment through brainstem tracts.

This brings us to tonight. As you know, my journey with this work took me from my Familiar (Florida) place to the wild, transformative  bones of the mountains out west, where a new agreement of truth and experience was forged. The old, fluid stories dissipated over the Bridger Mountain peaks and a new story of neuromatrix revealed itself. The work shifted its focus to the nervous system, and now our stories must transform with this experience. I returned to Florida to name the new chapter of our work.

As you visit these pages, you may notice changing language in familiar brochures. The bones of our work endure. The foundation is solid. The illumination of our work evolves, as any live entity must, in its own authentic way. Our job, as we bear witness and tend to the needs of the body, is to learn our own authentic stories and their songs.

Together, we sing over the bones of truth and bring ourselves to life.


Welcome to the next chapter of the continuing flow of our story.


The Neurovascular Institute

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