As many of you know, graduate school revealed my inner research geek, brought me deep into the realms of science-based medicine, and  forever changed the nature of our work. One benefit of that process has been the rich accumulation of research articles, stashed safely on my hard drive. Several of you have requested some kind of “article-of-the-month” feature on the blog, so we can explore new information and discuss the implications for our work.

So…  I thought I’d begin with an article by VS Ramanchandran on mirror box therapy. Ramachandran Article (646.31 kB) I’ve been playing with this for both restoring motor function and limb recognition issues post-stroke. He’s a great storyteller (as evidenced in his book “Phantoms in the Brain,” and he can be found on TED talks as well. (what? you haven’t gone playing on the TED talks site yet??!! Here’s one of his videos)

Enjoy! Let me know what you think about this!

Dr. Cathy

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  1. ttess says:

    This is a phenomenal and intriguing information by
    Dr. Ramachandran. The work that can be done form this cross roads of visual, auditory and touch is endless!
    Thank for sharing Dr. Cathy!
    Tess, Tess
    Ontario, Canada

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