It’s about the Power of our Presence….  not proscribed techniques.

The more intricately we understand the dance of the nervous system and the conversations that are  occurring even as we enter the treatment room, the more simple and powerful our interactions become.

The more secure we are in our own Profound Neutral state, the better we can assess and respond to our patients’ needs. It is an open space, an undefined encounter, requiring attention and some navigation skills, a willingness to hear the rhythms emerging and create the dance between us. It is a space of permission, of compassion, of awareness and engagement. It is a space of trust.

Not that the “therapist” knows the answers for the patient. More truthfully, it is the patient’s system that feels what it needs and is trying to show you how to help. We need the stillness of our Profound Neutral to hear the cries, follow the instructions, and hold the space for resolution, whatever that may be.

We are here to help our patients find the Power of their own Presence, to bridge the gap from magical thinking to wondrous reality, from convoluted stories to simple truth.

Pay attention to your own Presence, and let the healing unfold from there.

One response to “The Power of Our Presence”

  1. ttess says:

    Hello Dr. Cathy, the continued practice of doing our own work to gain this place of Profound Neutral can not be expressed enough. Therapist will be well rewarded with a new level of trust from their clients as the client realizes they have been given the space to explore the work that is calling them.
    Tess, Tess, RPN, NVT
    Ontario, Canada

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