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McGilchrist quoting Einstein: ” The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant but has forgotten the gift.”

Here’s a phenomenal set of videos about Dr. Iain McGilchrist talking about the brain.  First up is one of those RSA animated videos (slow down and check out some of that embedded commentary).

And here is the video of his full presentation.

What strikes me immediately is: the corpus callosum is there to INHIBIT the two hemispheres from overflowing information from each other, and the role of the frontal lobes (35% of our cortex mass!) is to INHIBIT other cortical processing.

What if we looked at our kids with corpus agenesis and considered the problem NOT that the two hemisphere cannot connect to each other properly, but rather that they cannot communicate and take turns properly? How does this perspective help us understand their wiring?

Furthermore, Dr. McGilchrist speaks of how the corpus has been slowly decreasing in size over the course of our evolution. Is this proclivity for diminishment gone haywire in agenesis?


Well, have a seat and listen to Lorimer Moseley talking about the brain processes of pain. Fascinating!

let me know what you think!


But wait, there’s more.

In the preceding TED talks video, Dr. Verghese talks about the “iPatient” and the importance of our rituals of touch.

Here is the paper he referred to: verghese iPatient



This is magnificent. Breathe and listen and remember why we came to this profession of healing and transformation…


“Miracles for Mito”

A few years ago I started visiting Amaryllis Therapy Network in Denver. I met a sweet young lady named Samantha and her amazing mom Heather. Samantha had Mitochondrial disorder. After she passed away a year ago, the “Miracles for Mito” foundation was born. They just completed their first “Mitochondrial Awareness Week.”  Go on over to the website and learn about this other kind of spectrum… there are great stories by moms and caregivers… the more we understand this, the more we can help.



Wow. This popped up from the NOI site. Share it, share it, share it…  awesome explanation about “pain is an output of the brain”   (except that minor glitch at the end implying that posture and pain are related…)


oooo look what I found!

Paul Bach y Rita’s work is discussed in “The Brain That Changes Itself.” Here’s a video of him discussing his own work and where it is continuing today – in Madison WI!


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One response to “This is what you’re looking for!”

  1. Keith says:

    How wonderful our family, of man…
    and animal and plant and organisms…
    and Gaia and Earth-
    standing upon the threshold-
    between two rooms
    of our One Home
    …in Gods’ Mind.

    Per chance to dream and click and
    by serendipity find a fellow wayfarer and offerer
    of insights and glimpses of our one self,
    disguised as mere humans,
    reminding those with open eyes and hearts,
    while tempering here in the fires of physicality,
    as Ram Das jested- we are like God in drag.

    There are many ways to offer
    what you eloquently describe as Profound Stillness
    through the medium of these simple sentences
    and the videos they describe…is yet another.

    My mind says, ‘Bravo!’,
    while my Heart, resonates, in compassion,
    in the bliss of knowing the territory
    and knowing
    -that others know and walk the same path…in growing numbers.

    You have a fine offering here that itself appears to hold an opening in time for Sacred Space.

    I found you from Brendas Quantum site in Ma
    I am a PT in practice in CT graduated from what use to be QC now QU in ’78 a year before you.
    I carry John’s coin in my pocket and his Spirit as I knew him in my heart with joy and lightness. Yes, ferocity too, or I’d be pretending I knew him. He won’t let the goose bump chills stop since typing that either…

    Many Blessings and thanks…Keith

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