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All courses offered by the Neurovascular Instititute are grounded in common-sense anatomy and physiology, incorporating the latest advances in neuroscience, and made clinically relevant in a simple, fluid form. From the early stories of osteopathy and cranial therapy, our work has developed its own grounding in science-based medicine. Where science meets our Profound Neutral touch, we offer a simple breath and invitation for the body to reorganize and flow with greater health. There is nothing “alternative” about reclaiming your authentic expression of life through body, mind and spirit!

The Courses We Offer:

Sensory Brain Development

This one-day class for therapists, parents and caregivers explores the embryological development of the nervous system; how our stress regulation systems function today; and how simple attention with a seated protocol can promote better autonomic balance and ease of function. Feel the relief of being safe in your body and safe in the world. Learn the “Why Behind the Wiring” of what’s going on with our children with neurodevelopmental delays and sensory processing issues.

Clinical Foundations

This two-day class that starts with an exploration of the neuroscience of our interactive touch and the physiology of Profound Neutral. We then move into a quick-paced series of anatomy lessons and experiential labs to give you a wide range of techniques to integrate into your clinic practice. Learn how to be profoundly effective and enhance your existing manual skills. Read the brochure here.

Essential (Advanced) Mouthwork

is a four-day course for practitioners with previous craniosacral experience. It brings the concept of Profound Neutral to work within the entire fascial system, emphasizing the cranium, throat and mouth, and gives the practitioner in-depth knowledge of these structures. Read the brochure here.

NeuroVascular Flow

explores the elegant and complex dynamics of our vascular and  autonomic nervous systems in a four-day, multi-hands format. There is in-depth coverage of the anatomy and physiology of the cardiovascular and ventricular systems, as well as the neurovascular – visceral connections. Students learn to facilitate autonomic regulation, enhancing neurovascular and visceral function. The prerequisite for this class is Essential Mouthwork. Read the brochure here.

NeuroSensory Flow

focuses more intensely on the neuroendocrine and autonomic nervous systems, our neurological development and function, and the somatosensory regulation that the Profound Neutral approach can facilitate. We return to the anatomy and physiology of the throat and explore the larynx as an integrating bridge between heart, lungs and brain. The brain and its sensory components are explored on an in-depth level. New information on visceral autonomics, brainstem circuitry and the three branches of the autonomic nervous system has been added! This course is also a four-day, multi-hands format. Prerequisite is NeuroVascular Flow.

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