Welcome to the Story Flow Transformation Class.

In this 3-hour class, we move beyond the autonomic wiring of Stress Relief Strategies to explore the stories that have been organizing our presence in our body and in the world.

Story Flow Transformation

Old Stories Hold Stress

Stress and Stories are imprinted upon us from infancy, and held in our deep sensory circuits, in the places before words. From these unconscious imprints, we might struggle to make sense of a world that doesn’t quite fit, inside or out.

Relief Comes from Within

What if… we could find the soft landing place within that lets us connect to the story and presence that is truly ours?

What if… we could now create the “thriving stories” that allow us to be joyfully present as we navigate the world with ease?

Explore Your Internal Landscape 

Let’s take our familiar process of “Breathe It * Feel It * Name It” and slip into our internal sensory landscape, where your flow of source illuminates the story of You.

Celebrate What Makes Sense 

Let’s celebrate by walking the labyrinth to the center of our Source, and then walking back to the world from the depths of our Self. And breathe with the relief that you can organize around what makes sense to YOU!

“Whole Brain Theory”

Our Brain, Undivided

Early anatomists strove to understand our magnificent brains from the mechanics of evolution through different species.

We now know that the process unfolded in a different way. It is no longer accurate to consider our brains as divided into “lizard brain, emotional brain, cognitive brain.”

Flow of Brain Pathways

Our brains flow from brainstem to cortex in the most intriguing dance. The flow of our source, stories and self ride the flow of these brain pathways. We will consider these dynamics in a new way.

Somatic, Sensory, Social Flow

We will explore the brain’s somatic, sensory and social circuits and pathways and recognize our fluid physiology, that is connecting source, self and story. Then we can flow with ease internally as we navigate the world.

From our earliest moments, we have been organizing internally, between body and brain, even as we learn to navigate our environment. Too often, those external expectations and demands override our internal priorities and processes, leading to a disconnect between what we know and how we need to be present – within ourselves and in the world.

These common patterns of internal stories may be inhibiting our best mindful efforts of stress relief techniques. Now we can discover our authentic breath within and create our self-restoration and re-integration processes, finding our internal flow to truly * breathe it * feel it * and NAME IT * on our healing path.

Feel your unique story flow from source to self to service! Learn helpful strategies for yourself and have the tools and resonance to support your patients on their own healing journeys.

*AND* take your first steps on the path of transformation – on the sacred labyrinth. Yes. The full-sized, four-quadrant Chartres labyrinth will be set up in the classroom. Take the walk into the center of your Self, and walk back to the world from the depths of Source.

Class Dates and Locations:

Saturday, March 12, 2016 in Madison WI. Class is being held at the Quarry Arts Building, room 170. Class hours are from 9:00am to 12 noon.  The labyrinth will be in residence throughout the afternoon as well.

Pre-registration is required. Tuition is $50. You may register here.

Thank you so much. I look forward to our Story Flow Transformation!



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