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Neurovascular Integration addresses the neurological conversation between body and brain, and how the very power of our presence provides permission for the patient’s nervous system to explore change.

The basic physiological relay of any manual therapy is this:  sensory input provided from the periphery by the therapist >> interpretation at spinal reflex level or through autonomic brainstem circuits >> output from the CNS that can range from “withdraw/protect” to “resolve” to “relief” to “spontaneous corrective movement.”

When we as therapists are present in the “balance zone” of our own Profound Neutral presence, we are in the dance between sympathetic and parasympathetic drives. We are modeling a safe sensory input for our patient’s nervous system to perhaps interpret our touch differently – safe to engage with rather than something to be defended against.

This exploratory output can manifest through signs of tissue relief (warmth, softening, flow, lengthening, etc) and/or the spontaneous corrective movements that are the basic expression of a healthy nervous system.

Neurovascular Integration is designed to illuminate familiar therapeutic interventions by dancing with the nervous system in its own language. The better we understand how our approach is being interpreted by the brain, the better we can encourage restorative outcomes.

No more wrestling with connective tissue, no more imposing confusion on an already disorganized nervous system… let’s find the common meeting ground through our presence and help our patients land in their bodies with ease.

The current  Clinical Foundations class schedule is:

February 26-27, 2016, Denver CO

March 5-6, 2016, Madison WI

More information on the Clinical Foundations Class here.

To read more about how this work was developed and who might benefit from it, visit us here.

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