Here are the favorite NVI resources to help you *breathe it * feel it * name it* and OWN IT! as you land in your body to bring source and self to service.

*NEW*  Prana Palms! learn more about them here.

*Stress Relief Strategies* handout is here:  SRS free 

For the basic story of how a simple belly breath can reset your autonomic nervous system, and help body, brain, breath and behavior find their ease.


*Creating the Safe Space* handout is here: creating space handout2.  This will help you create the best space for your internal landing.

Another way to look at that is to click through the Haiku slideshow here.


*NEW!*    “Get Your Gut Going” handout explaining the belly – breath – brain connection, and how to land with ease. Grab it here:  Get Your Gut Going


*Stillness in Flow cd tracks* 

Track 1: General Relaxation, 16 minutes

01 – Relaxation Techniques 16- 26

Track 2:  SelfCare, 18 minutes

 02 – Self Care 18- 06


Seven-Minute Miracle: quick drop into your Profound Neutral Presence, includes jello eyeballs 🙂

Seven-Minute Miracle


Introduction to “Pivot Your Presence”

 Intro to Pivot Your Presence


and….  our favorite Haiku Deck Slide show…

Safe Space Breathing Room



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