Prana Palms!


Thermoregulating Handprints 

for *Relaxation * Pain Relief * Sensorimotor Integration*

Do you ever wish you had Dr. Cathy’s Profound Neutral hands present with you?

Either at the table, helping you with a treatment, or all for yourself, to reclaim your own Profound Neutral presence?

Well, now you can have Dr. Cathy’s hands with you whenever you need them!

Prana Palms were created by Dr. Cathy Holway to promote self-care and sensory regulation for therapists and patients.

“Prana” means “Breath of Life” in Sanskrit, and brings us back to the essential breath throughout our body with comfort and ease.

Prana Palms are life-sized silk handprints of Dr. Cathy’s hands, nestled int soft fabric pouches that you can heat in the microwave and use anytime.

Perfect for * you * your patients * for children * and home use!

Try a pair for yourself at the $25 introductory price (here), and learn more about our therapist distributor sales program. 

Always have an extra pair on hand!

Look at the gorgeous color choices here: Prana Palms Cover Choices pdf

And watch them in action! IMG_2810


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