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Cathy Pliscof Holway, PT, DPT

Doctor of Physical Therapy

Cathy Pliscof Holway is an internationally recognized physical therapist, educator and author in the healthcare field of  integrative manual therapies. She has taught and lectured throughout the United States to beginners as well as advanced students.

She received her BS and Certificate in Physical Therapy from Russell Sage College/Albany Medical College School of Physical Therapy, Troy, NY, in 1979. She received her Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from Boston University in 2008. 

As Program Administrator for the Upledger Institute Intensive Programs, Dr. Holway directed a multi-disciplinary team of therapists, coordinating daily treatments for patients. Her work with medically complex patients led to her development of manual techniques for the mouth and throat, which grew into her own form of work, Sacred Spaces Bodywork, in 1998.

In 1999 she began teaching the Advanced Mouthwork (now Essential Mouthwork) class and founded Sacred Spaces Seminars. It was through this work that she developed the Profound Neutral palpation protocols and began her studies into neurovascular anatomy and physiology.  Her commitment to establishing a science-based manual modality led her to graduate school. She put the seminars on hold while she pursued her Doctor of Physical Therapy degree through Boston University, and upon graduation in 2008 founded the Neurovascular Institute, Inc. Classes in the Neurovascular Integration approach are now presented through The Neurovascular Institute, Inc. and  the curriculum continues to synthesize outstanding, science-based medical education with the art and spirit of healing. We are approved continuing education providers for a growing number of governing licensure organizations and look forward to meeting and surpassing the continuing education needs of healthcare professionals nationwide.

Dr. Cathy continues to flow with the evolution of the seminars, integrating clinical work with research, development and instruction in Neurovascular Integration.

Robert Holway, LMT

Robert Holway is a licensed massage therapist who began his craniosacral therapy studies in 1994. He has completed through the Advanced 2 level of Upledger CranioSacral Therapy and has participated in the Upledger Institute Intensive Treatment Programs as a Visiting Therapist.

He has trained extensively with Cathy Pliscof Holway, founder of Sacred Spaces Bodywork and The Neurovascular Institute, since 1995 and has assisted with the development and presentation of Sacred Spaces Seminars since its inception in 1999.

Robert holds a Bachelors degree in physics. His background in engineering and information systems provides an excellent foundation for presenting the scientific principles of craniosacral therapy. Interweaving art and science, personal explorations and in-depth studies, Robert honors the sacred mysteries of health and healing while inviting the unfolding of their stories.

Robert is the Technical Director for The Neurovascular Institute and continues to facilitate the evolution of the work.  Exploring the healing potential of the body through Neurovascular Integration is the realization of his life-long dream. He looks forward to sharing the potential of this work with fellow therapists.


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